Since 1994, Our company has been producing gun stock blanks and marketing them to many companies, gun makers and gun stock makers who have proved their quality worldwide. In our factory 40,000-42,000 gun stock blanks are being produced and exported per year. All of our gun stock blanks are made from Turkish walnut trees. 

Walnut trees that can be used to manufacture gun stocks grow in a variety of places around the world, but the Turkish walnut tree that grows in the high plateaux of Asia minor is unmatched in terms of colour and grain. These stocks are made from 250-300 year old walnut trees and they ornament the highest quality guns in the world.
These  trees
are found far from away urban centers, kilometres from roads, on top of mountains or on the edges of hills and are selected with great care by very experienced personnel.  Once selected, the trees are felled and transported under very difficult conditions - the roots alone weigh 5-6 tons.

Turkish walnut is the finest of all the wood used for gunstocks being hard in grain, full of figures, exact in marking, bright in colour and colour contrast with deep black, red and light yellow.  Each piece is unique and has its own specific characteristics.

These trees are brought to our sawmill where they are sawn, drawn by means of templates (considering proper grain flow or the best layout), cut and made with great attention and care into gun stock blanks. These products are all naturally air dried for a period of one year and have a moisture content of about 15-20%. Our company is proud, pleased and excited to present this natural beauty to you in the best manner.

To introduce our products we have been attending two shows in the past years USA (SHOT SHOW AND SCI) , USA (SHOT SHOW AND SCI 2007) and one show in Germany (IWA 2007) every year.

Whether you need one or a thousand gun stock blanks made from the best walnut trees in the world, you should know this:


All of our Stock Blanks are 100 % guaranteed.  If you discover a flaw, or if for any reason you are not satisfied, please just send it back and we will replace it with a new piece of Stock Blank. Please click on the Sample Stock Blanks you are interested in.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We can e-mail you photos of some current available stock blanks in our inventory and you can choose from them.